Industry Services
Co. Inc. | Since 1964

Who We Are

Leader in refractory & industrial services for more than 50 years

Our History

In 1995, the Hunter family acquired D.A. Collins Refractories, a business begun in 1964. Industry Services Co., Inc. was bought by D.A. Collins Refractories in 2000, retaining the ISCI name and Mobile, AL becoming our headquarters.

Our Future

Industry Services has worked diligently in recent years to broaden its capabilities, acquiring multiple companies with expansive capabilities to best serve customers.

Here at Industry Services, we have built a solid reputation with a consistently high safety record all while providing top-quality products and services. Our personnel are the key to guaranteeing our customers' satisfaction. Skills, technology and support teams continue to deliver and maintain company integrity. Quality and craftsmanship has made Industry Services a leader in the refractory industry for over 50 years.

About Industry Services

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